Requesting Service


Each party must contact the main office directly to request services.


Staff schedules intake interviews with each party separately to determine whether services can be offered. The following information is required at the intake appointment:

  • Any relevant documentation pertaining to access (ie. Court Order, Minutes of Settlement, Mediation Agreement, terms of Access etc.)
  • Documentation pertaining to bail conditions, probation orders, restaining orders etc.
  • Document notifying of Children’s Aid Society involvement.
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Preferred availability for access schedule


A child orientation will be scheduled where the children meet the staff and participate in a tour of the Centre before the first visit or exchange.

Volunteer Today

Dalhousie Place Supervised Access Centre provides safe, neutral, child-focused services including supervised visitation, exchanges, and support for families.
Volunteers supervise parents/visitors and children during access periods and exchanges. They ensure factual documentation of observations regarding access visits and monitored exchanges.